Friday, 25 January 2013

Things i have been thinking about ....

So i have been pondering life the universe and everything  and whilst the answer is always 42 it also offered some relief to my fragile brain

I am still very much involved in 40k and took my Grey Knights for a small game spin which was fun, I lost the first game but won the second versus the dreaded Ultramarines

I have painted a GK Terminator Squad, the Strike squad and a dreadnought so far but even i am getting sick of silver!

I also took a great big look at Deep wars by Antimatter Games it's a great game based off the Song of blades and heroes System which is simple but i like the tactical thought involved in it?

The factions are not neccesarily unique but combined with the underwater setting i am extremely excited so i jumped in for the Chip-In that is running on the site and will do a review of the rules next week.

Back to 40K i am considering jumping to my old favourites as i am like a kid in a candy store when it comes to armies in the game and picking up some of the shiny new Dark Angel minis.

I also would very much like to get involved with the Relics Kickstarter but am unsure about its playability in my group especially with the deep wars models arriving soon.

Have you had any hobby thoughts this week?


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