Saturday 9 January 2016

New Endeavor on an old game

Battletech! Miniature Giant Mech combat

After various excitement from some at the club i jumped in and bought the introductory starter set

there are so many booklets from intro rules through to full rules, quick ref sheets and the data records and best of all a reasonable book for fluff 55 pages long called amusingly "Inner Sphere at a glance"

also comes with a poster map of the inner sphere even showing some of the periphery (those places outside the inner sphere)

The game plays on hex board which 2, 18"x 24" are included with great detail

also 24 mech models  22 normal plastic of reasonable quality and 2 premium models which are multipart models that are really nice

The Quickstart rules have a scenario requiring a hunchback and an enforcer so i painted these first.

they paint up pretty quick so should have the box set done soon cant wait to get a game.

Saturday 5 December 2015

Dragonmeet 2015 Or for me Devils Run Con

So today i went to the Dragonmeet roleplaying convention in London and it was a great dayout i looked ar a few games but in all honesty i went up for one reason to see the Word forge games.

Devils Run Route 666 is a game i backed on Kickstarter and caught up with the guys at there booth where i saw some of the casts of the models  (pics below) and some painted models too

I also played a couple of demos which is the first time i have played since the latest rules were released which you can find here including the cards

The models are looking amazing there is a model in 20mm scale which as a driver in car has a bowler hat and a pipe its so small that i couldn't get a clear picture.

One of the highest point is the fact that i met the two gentlemen that worked on the artwork and fluff for my character Lord  Hood who also featured on the back of the con guide.

So Excited! for this to arrive in the new year and anytime someone wants a game shout happy to guide, demo or just play.

Saturday 14 November 2015

Betrayal at Calth!

So I know I am behind the times but I picked up my betrayal box this morning and wanted to share with you.

The box is beautiful with lovely artwork

So the contents look lovely and have new toy smell.

So pictures of the sprues have been spoiled already so won't describe them

Other contents are good quality too but why are the cards oversized so annoying as will not be able to sleeve them

But nice to receive little baggies for components 

Just waiting on shoulder pads for most of the marines but these will all be joining my Dark Angels shortly



Sunday 8 November 2015

Third game fun and other bits

So I picked my 3rd game as 30k due to the availability locally I have started work on a dark Angels legion force but for the first 2k I want to keep forge world to a minimum. I started working on a predator conversion to move the turret forward 

Which I am happy with alongside a normal rhino. Need to add another predator and some land speeders after the betrayal at calth box sorts my troops.

Also received my kracken and boiler exclusives for guildball and finished my butchers starter team

I also played in a fun malifaux tournament  at the club to make numbers up and had a jolly good time. 

Saturday 31 October 2015

I Return!

So after a hiatus on the club blog I have decided mine should live again (thanks Jim) I am continuing to cover games I like though I suspect this to be a different list to previously.

So i also now have a man cave (Tardis) so can properly paint and play though restricted to 4x4 games

Batman Miniatures Game – the new major game I collect and sometimes play has interesting mechanics and plays quite quickly with great heroes and villains from the batman/dc universe . If you like Batman or comics check it out

Guild Ball – easiest pick up and play game for me and its football (soccer) with some amazing models and in my opinion the best table top sports game out there.

I am struggling for the 3rd game due to finances and time but will end up one of these three

Horus Heresy – 30K is still where I want to play GW  games so happy the Betrayal at Calth box is coming once I settle on a legion of course

Malifaux - After GW the most popular game at the club and great fun also plays on 3x3 table so can play in Tardis.

Knight models legends - Marvel universe because Marvel!

 Also I have Kickstarted a couple of games that are due soon/early next year

Devils Run Route 666 – I supported on kick-starter so will continue the journey here hopefully showing off my model as it comes to life

MERCS Recon - a board game of corporate espionage which looks like it will finally ship in the next few months .

So lots on and suggestions for third game most definitely welcome.