Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy new year!

So the last year has been very interesting gaming wise my group settled on a game which turned out to be 40k.

We originally had a couple of marine players and me running necrons, but I got bored after a short while. Then an imperial guard/marine player joined in so we were up to four players and finally a friend was given some Orks and is now totally addicted to the green tide.

Since then I have flitted from one faction to another not enjoying any that I have picked up from chaos to imperial guard. I do need to get myself sorted on a faction I like and enjoy painting but at the moment I have no idea what to play.


Pre heresy marines - We have three marine players already and running 30k vs 40k does not seem right.

One of the xenos races excluding orks and tau - I like the aliens but not sure what to go for

Normal marines - pick/make a chapter probably a blood angels descendant and see where I end up

Sisters look cool and I don't care if I lose....

Anyone have any good ideas for picking forces?