Thursday, 17 January 2013

Relics Reinforcement Kickstarter

Gavin Moorcroft is the complete loon that runs Tor Gaming, who in turn produced a minis game called Relics and it is one I have been following for a while.

Many people called other games 'grim-dark', like it's some kind of badge of honour, but really it just tends to mean a bit childish. Relics is a very grim and dark game. The usual factions from a fantasy game are all there but with a messed up twist.

The Britanans are the remnants of the human populace, controlling bound souls in little puppets to wage war on their enemies with a little Napoleonic theme.

The Orcnar are a tribal race who were shamanistic in nature but are now genetic mutant orcs which has made them quite angry at the people that caused this catastrophe. Unfortunately they do not know who it is so they hate everyone.

The Vaettir are the goody-two-shoes elves who messed everything up for everyone and now look like evil fairies.

The final faction for now are the Nuem.  These are twisted dwarves that flagellate themselves and wear steampunk suits that hurt them.

As you can see the minis are simple but lovely and the game plays in a unique way - rather than rolling d6 off against a target number you try rolling multiples of the same number.

Tor-Gaming ran a crowd-funding scheme last year and were highly successful and have since fulfilled the demand raised by the game but they now need to look to expand the range with some interesting
additions. Tor are going to be running a Kickstarter in a few days to raise the capital and they have some designs and talented people so they just need your money.

Now finally I can say that this games style isn't for everyone but no game is. What Gavin has created is a unique system with its own style that stands out from the competition.