Tuesday, 15 January 2013

First look at Dropzone Commander Shaltari Starter

Like everyone else at Salute 2012 i was amazed and awestruck by a small booth filled with wondrous minis.

Dropzone Commander looked great and Dave the creator was full of enthusiasm about the project that he had tirelessly worked on.

I have been keeping an eye on it since then and almost jumped in at release but time was bad for the investment needed, so i waited and eventually took the plunge following an article on Badgers blog (recommend you go over and read his blog)


He did a follow up on the PHR Starter too


So i took a gamble off seeing the rule book review and thankfully i didn't get the quality Badger got it wasn't perfect but was pretty damn good.

It came in a KR case with a paper wrap on it which had all the artwork

The KR case had the usual DZC layer at the top for the cards and parts and two pre-cut layers underneath 

These are the Grav-Tanks with anti-tank weaponry other than a small bit of flash easily removed with a knife i was slightly disappointed with air bubbles at the end of all three barrels 

Of the three medium gates one had a tiny miscast on its top that i didn't even notice at first 

The small gates were quite flash heavy but only the easily removed kind

The anti-air Grav-tanks we fine until i notice a bubble on the cross piece of one of the hinges so its likely to break. very sad!

Little white metal men

So overall my order was OK nothing that minor work will not fix but if i am honest for the price the miscasts and bubbles are not acceptable and the fact manufacturers think it is just annoys me

if you are charging top price for a model you have to provide top quality this includes Games workshop and Bane Legions which i have had problems with in the past. If you are charging less for your resin pieces and they need a little work to sparkle that's OK. 

I love the DZC models style and the fluff is well thought out with room for a lot of depth and expansion so overall i would say go join in the game but don't settle for anything less than what you paid for!

I will hopefully soon be looking at some other games that a small mammal has pointed me at keep posted