Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Deep Wars Review of the rulebook

So i recieved the pdf of the rulebook from the Chip-In just over a week ago and i have read through it a  couple of times.

Deepwars is a Skirmish game set in the underwater world of Shadowsea a lost world frozen in time beneath the polar regions.

I thought i would break this down into Fluff, Rules and Minis


The fluff for this good but as it is a spin off from Shadowsea it is not 100% of the story and i would like to know more.

Roughly a landmass beneath the polar region is discovered by accident and adventurers scientist and treasure hunters flock to discover the secrets and treasures of this land.

The shadow sea is a inland sea accessable for the lost land and Deepwars is set beneath that.

the game is a bit swashbuckly with a steampunk/sci-fi coating or another way would be Cthulhu, Pirates and Aliens.


The rules are expanded from the classic song of blades and heroes where everything is kept simple in system but wide in scope, forces can climb, swim, jump and fight across various play areas but the game resolves around a simple set of stats Quality and Combat value

Quality is you general skill so it is what you attempt to roll against to do most actions and to decide how many actions you can make with a model.

Combat value is what you add to 2d6 for contested rolls to decide combat.


There are four factions currently

The Treasure hunters are the human faction made up of scientists, adventurers and Mercenaries all in old style diving suits.

The Dark Mariners are a old race that lived below the water and worship old gods and are very much the Tentacle faction

The Ancients of Atalan  are another old race that did not follow the old gods and so did not go tentacly! they have advanced tech and lots of robo sharks!

The Scaly horde are the last faction made up of lizard men from the surface and a strange race of insectoids,  the horde have the power to control some of the undersea creatures 

Overall the game looks fun and the system means games should not take hours to play i love the style and the underwater theme is unique.

I cant rate the game but the book is well laid out and designed with extra rules for making you own troops so i would give it a big Thumbs up