Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Sons of Prospero pt 2

The Sword of Vengeance docked with the spaceport, the frigate attached like a barnacle to the massive structure that in turn was dwarfed by the planet Fenris. Grand Master Erasmus walked down the ramp towards the airlock, flanked by Ezekiel and Garviel, his trusted brother captains, their crimson armour reflecting off the polished plasteel corridor.

"Remember brothers, we are guests here, but the wolves remember our symbol as something other than the purity we carry."

"Yes, my Lord," both men replied.

The airlock opened and a young man in fur and bone stood before them with a full squad of marines surrounding him. "I am the Wolf Lord Blackmane. I bid you welcome though you give inquisitorial call signs; your armour is not one I recognise?"

"Greetings Lord Blackmane. I am Grand Master Erasmus, formerly brother captain of the Grey Knights, now chapter master of the Sons of Prospero."

At the final word the marines with the young Lord flicked their weapons up at the potential threat. "Why are you named such: Prospero was a doomed world cursed at its heart?"

"We are descended from those born of Prospero. But the world was not cursed, only the betrayer that failed us and the Emperor. The Emperor has chosen us to deliver his judgment to those who failed him."

"Why have you come here, Son of Prospero?" The last uttered with vehemence. "Do you wish to punish us too for the Emperor's decree?"

"No, Honourable Wolf Lord, we seek allies and where else would we go than to those whose greatest went into the Eye to continue the Emperor's order?"

"Come then brothers, let us drink and make merry whilst you tell us your tales of valour and how you came to be here."

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Sons of Prospero

Erasmus woke with a start, the dream still fresh in his mind: stood on a hill top, overlooking a burning city filled with spires and pillars over which a looming blinking eye gazed down in fury.
Erasmus splashed cold water in his face, placed a robe over his gene-enhanced shoulders and left his sparse chamber. He was a grey knight and faith was all the items he needed. The corridor was empty as he strode down it towards the chapel. The heavy door was open as is the way of the Emperor’s open arms and Erasmus knew he would find solace here.
The chapel was quiet. The few still burning candles threw shadows over the figure knelt in front of the shrine.
“Grand Master I did not mean to interrupt your prayers.”
“Do not trouble yourself Erasmus, I simply could not sleep.” Grand Master Irakus stood and turned on his Brother Captain.
“What troubles you?”
“Dreams my Lord, I have been having terrible dreams!” Erasmus felt uneasy remembering the images.
“Of a burning land and a blinking eye?” Irakus looked into the stunned face of Erasmus.
“What you see is Prospero and Magnus betraying the Emperor's decree. All of us descended from the geneseed get the dreams at some point but it is unusual for many to have them at the same time.”
“My Lord, what do you mean?”
“I too have been having the dreams lately and you are not the first brother I have seen recently.”
“What does it mean?”
“I believe it is time to cleanse the betrayal that has sat over our line for ten thousand years; it is time for the Sons of Prospero to crusade against the Sons of Magnus. We will gather those who have had the dreams and go towards the Eye!”

Monday, 25 February 2013

Away day to warhammer world

As this was the weekend before my birthday the boys went to Warhammer World.

We got a table reserved and laid out a plan

Epidus 3 had been taken by the orks and the imperial forces had been pushed back to a final bastion.

Confirmation of exterminatus had been recieved and transports to evacuate the marines had been launched.

All the survivors had to do was survive until they were evacuated.

3000 pts of orcs versus 1000 pts of ultramarines, 1000pts white raven marines with Deathwatch support and 1000pts imperial guard.

The orks would respawn in deployment zone until the game ended

If at any point no marines held the bastion the orks won.

Friday, 15 February 2013

New Project

I have started work on a new 40k project themed around ork pirates

I have started on a warboss to lead them and have worked out a list that should be fun and interesting to build and play.

My only decision is to make the battlewagon old school ship for Da Kaptin or a submarine?

Ill leave you with a pic of my warboss.


Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Large battle games vs Skirmish games

I am writing this article because i have a nightmare picking and sticking to one army in Warhammer 40K

I have small forces for many of the factions but just cannot seem to pick a single army mostly due to Painting boredom and partly due to "Shiny syndrome"

I like new, unique models and so when painting large forces like a 40K army i paint a unit or two then get bored as something else piques my interest

This can be caused by a new army list being released with a new batch of models or a new game entirely

Now skirmish games remove part of the problem as most skirmish games have unique styles and models with a low model count which removes the paint boredom

The Shiny Syndrome is helped by multiple skirmish games working out easy to get forces built and painted for.

Now a friend of mine has started work on a new 40K force with the sole purpose of finishing up with a beautiful army.

Maybe this is the route i should take but i still have no idea on forces.

Some thoughts would be..

  • Eldar Craftworld Army
  • Eldar Corsairs Army

  • A Marine Army theme list

  • Tyranids

what are your thoughts?


Sunday, 10 February 2013

Dark Angels army.

So I started on a dark angels ravenwing force but the fluff from the dark angels is not the quality it once was so I am thinking a successor chapter.

My choices are....

The Angels of absolution - love the fact they wear bone white armour and that would allow me to go old school and have a tribal feel about them like the old deathwing and two heads talking.

Guardians of the covenant - the fluff behind these and the cool scheme appeals to my Templar fascination and they would look cool on the table

Let me know what you think?


Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Relics Rules Review

I have talked about Relics alot recently and its because i was reall interested in getting into the game

Tor Gaming has a PDF of the rules on their sight so i downloaded them and gave them a read through.

The current rules which are being updated shortly are still good the system is reasonably simple to attack you roll a number of dice equal to the combat value - the defence of the unit your attacking and you are looking for doubles

the amount of dice can be adjusted by ganging up so you can have multiple models attack at the same time to increase the dice pool by one for each extra model upto 3

The fluff is good if a little short though it is spread throughout the book with poems and short fictions placed on pages with rules

The Factions other than looking unique feel unique the normal fantasy races appear but in a very different way. The Orcnar embody this the most a peaceful race at one with the earth then the great spell was cast and they were changed into the current orcnar race.

Overall the book could do with being more colourful but the art and fluff are great.

Quality 3/5  - black and white only could do with more colour.
Fluff 5/5 - the fluff is top quality and easily the best piece of the book
Rules 4/5 - the rules with the errata are pretty straight forward

Overall Score - 4/5 with a bit more colour this could be a 5/5


Monday, 4 February 2013

Relics update and other shinies

So I got my first relics minis in and they are lovely but an ass to put together.

I have prepped some of the vaettir starter but am now trying to decide on the colour scheme for them here are some pics

Any suggestions for colour schemes are welcome.