Sunday, 21 September 2014

Future Games

So I was painting models watching some GenCon movie and I got to thinking about games releasing this year and next

some I am excited about like D&D attack wing which uses the X-wing flight path system with dragons and fantasy races.

others are really exciting and star wars themed Imperial Assualt which is a reskinned Desent with a skirmish mode added on

The other is Armada which is capital ships as a space combat game.

Though it is not only new programs that are exciting some both Wyrd and Hawk Wargames released amazing new products for Malifaux and Dropzone.

And since GenCon, Forge World has released an amazing range of Models like the Mechanicum forces

and Games Workshop itself released in my opinion the best book they have released in years in the form of this. The End times and the supposed books that are coming is the Fantasy equivalent to the Horus Heresy but instead of knowing who lives and dies you have the excitement of find out as you read

honestly I think if Fantasy does not grow off the back of this the game is truly doomed which off the back of this book would be the worst thing ever.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Dropzone resistance

Got my delivery today and I am very excited but was patient enough to take pictures as I was opening rather than drag it out here is the loot.

I will start with my favourites the resistance Cyclone Attack Helicopters

The new resistance helicopters

The Body of the copter

wing weapon racks


Rotor Blades are metal and have a recessed edge.

Now the starter set

Box artwork

So the box includes the an instruction sheet and a force guide rules sheet

lots of shiny toys

Kraken Hovercraft totally detailed in and out. The other drop-ship type for the Resistance perfect for getting modified cars and trucks

Hannibal class tanks

Jackson APCS your main transport

Gun Wagons - converted trucks with anti aircraft guns on 3 different trucks with different guns and ploughs so can easily field a squad of unique trucks.

Lift hawk medium drop-ship good for getting tanks and APC into battle

The Resistance fighters are the standard troops 10mm so detailed, though not in the starter they have bikers too

the new rulebook advances the storyline 

All in all the models are amazing and so detailed the cars and trucks have detailed axles. whilst I have had a flick through the book I will hopefully sit down with the rulebook.