Thursday, 14 November 2013

The path of damnation

So templarscrusade01 has started talking about his new campaign after finishing up the great crusade and the heresy.

The campaign will start with basic chaos lords and grow over time to add 500 points.

Force org is
1 Hq
1 troop
1 elite
1 fast attack
1 heavy

The squads are all minum of 1 model for this campaign.

I have built my lord he is an iron warrior

Monday, 4 November 2013

Warzone Con

Well what a day! Yesterday was the first Warzone convention and it was a great day out i started early to head meet up with my mate Paul (Gamer templates) before heading up to the midlands for the event.

The journey up was interesting as Paul had done a favour for the prodos guys and prepared a 100+ objective markers for the attendees which i had the please of cleaning in the car.

upon arriving we wandered around wellington trying to find the venue and ran into Sebastian and Henrik which was very cool two lovely guys check out Seb's Blog

We arrived at the venue to find Rich "Bender" Chalcraft and his shiny metal ass already waiting and caught up with him and some others whilst we waited to go in.

The convention was opened by the mayor which was a new experience for a gaming convention

once inside we caught up with the prodos guys i went around and took some pics (which mostly turned out crap) but lots of games happened 

We caught up with Chris from Modiphius games and got a demo of the latest beta rules for the Mutant Chronicles RPG and it was awesome we all had fun (thanks for the Photo Rich)

Chris at the top Left, Paul, My mate John, Me, Henrik and Sebastian

After the game we grabbed lunch and returned for the Q & A but were at the back so couldn't hear :( but from comments afterward it was very cool.

Rob, Michal, Jarek & Mark from Prodos on stage.

The painting competition was cool there were a few entrants and whilst i don't understand the criteria used to pick there were some lovely entries

very cool Meka with free hand Kanji and Fiber optics to give actual light effects.

Very cool action pose Banshee and the Winning entry Matsumoto

Blood Beret doomtrooper

Other entries (apologies battery ran out)

Was a really long day in the end but i really enjoyed it and picked up some more Legion models including a Behemoth.

Thanks so much to Questing Knight Games, STAGS, Modiphius and Prodos for an awesome convention roll on next year,