Monday, 23 September 2013

Malifaux 2.0 is coming

Its is coming this weekend Malifaux 2.0 and it is an exciting time.

I saw the rulebook this past weekend at Colours and can say it looks lovely i dont know how the new rules play in comparison to the old as i didn't have time for a game

Alongside the rules release they are releasing Arsenal decks which feature all of the cards from the rulebook for each faction inc Ten thunders and Gremlins as separate factions.

and some new starter sets that are plastic versions of some of the original metal sets that look amazing

From reviews so far out on the interwebs i have only heard one bad piece which is the Viktorias in the hired Swords box set seem out of scale when in hand. but that's the only negative and everything else is good from reports.

I will be looking to get a new game in on the 1st October so will give a better review on the products then.

So much for my decision to not play certain games as at the moment its now 40K, Dropzone and Malifaux with Star trek on the side (pending arrival of the Warzone and Deadzone)

Also i have a huge list of games that i will be getting rid of shortly so if in my earlier post about all the games i own if you want any that's not in the above list let me know in the comments

Monday, 16 September 2013

Alternate Heresy part 1

So following on from girlpainting's video if Horus didn't fall to chaos what would happen who would fall?

If the emperor did not stop psykers at nikea but instead helped Magnus and the thousand sons master their abilities when Horus was injured in the davinite lodge he would heed Magnus's warning and not fall.

If the warmaster stayed loyal who would of the chaos powers turn to?

Lorgar would still be going against the emperors words so would still be punished and fall to worship undivided.

Angron would still fall to khorne. Would fulgrim fall if Horus was there to help him? Is mortarion always doomed to fall to nurgle? 

I can still see the night lords becoming renegades not chaos but breaking away from the emperor.

I can also see Russ attacking the thousand suns still and falling to his pride. Not to mention the wolves are always seeking great fights and boasting stories of hunts washed down with a keg or two.

If Horus does not fall would there be a heresy or would it be a case of renegade legions only and a very different imperium with a living emperor.

Also what of the dark angels they had renegades in their midst and without the heresy would it remain hidden?

It's such an interesting thought if one thing was different how would it effect the timeline? 

Please post your views.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Colours 2013, Updates and Girl Painting's Crazy plans

Hi all,

Going to the Colours show in Newbury on Sunday Colours 2013 and i quite excited as Hawk Wargames will be there and they have already confirmed they are providing my missing parts

On the update table i have begun painting my Shaltari i am going blue & gold as a colour scheme. I am going to chat to a friend of mine about the PHR and see if he has some suggestions for a colour scheme as i am not sure i could copy the studio scheme.

i have almost finished my 2 klingon test pieces for Star trek which look pretty nice the minis are actually quite detailed its just a crap paint job (i am not saying they are amazing just have details).

I still have a Decimator, a Plaguehulk and a blightdrone to paint for my nurgle force and a huge pile of Eldar to paint or be rid of.

On a great note Warzone is beginning to ship this week so i should soon be positing pics of minis and videoing some unboxings. Deadzone also had good news in that it is shipping in late next month .

Finally GirlPainting  on You Tube posted a video about alternate heresy in a what if Erebus was killed and did not turn Horus. i find thoughts like this really interesting and if you do pop here take a look and comment.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

new vid - Drozone commander take 2

I really like the PHR models and assuming i get me parts from Hawk OK i am playing this next month at the club :)

Friday, 6 September 2013

Some Questions to a games developer - Prodos Games Mark Rapson

I got to get the below questions by Mark at Prodos the makers of Warzone Resurection.

Could you give us a brief overview on what Warzone is? 
Warzone Resurrection is a tabletop miniatures (28mm scale) skirmish game, set in the Mutant Chronicles dark Sci-Fi Future. The richly visualised Mutant Chronicles dark future has been exciting gamers and science fiction fans all over the world for 20 years.
The Solar System is besieged by abominations from the dark beyond, infernal hybrids of undead alien flesh brought into existence by the Dark Symmetry. Mankind is divided into five rival Mega-corporations concerned only with profit and territory as they tear the inner worlds apart in bitter, internecine war. United in faith under the Brotherhood, Mankind may yet prevail – divided, they shall surely fall as the Dark Legion sweeps all before it.
What do you like the most with the IP and setting of Mutant Chronicles, what got you hooked? 
So I am a newish recruit to the MC and WZ world, first hearing and reading about it 3 or 4 years ago. Back then, before WZR was anything more than a twinkle in our eyes, I fell in love with the fluff, the art and the general concept. I picked up a few miniatures, but vacuumed up any literature I could find. Now I have nearly all literature published in the MC world and all the Warzone stuff. I love it
Whats his favourite model/unit in WZR overall. Fluff wise, looks, rules etc? 
This is a very hard question. So looks wise I love the Ronin and Meka. 

I personally think the product of the concept artists and renderers for the Meka is sublime. The pinnacle of design and a perfect example of Mishima and the re-imagining of Mishima for WZR. Rules wise I really like the Blink and Power Blink of the Armoured Chasseurs, a great concept. 

I also think the Build your own hero and vehicle rules a great, simple but brilliant and in the case of the vehicle rules, so much more realistic that the vehicle rules for other game systems. And fluffwise, I like the new characters, Hamilkar, Henry Thomas, the Necrobeast and Angelika. I am also very pleased with the new Brotherhood squad.

What single thing about WZR do you think will attract most new players? (Rules, the models, IP etc.). 
I think the models first of all, they are the window to the WZ world, but the fluff and imagery will keep them in. The rules, missions and narrative will keep people coming back for more

The Fact you can make your own Hero is very appealing to me do you plan on releasing multi-part boxes for each faction to create your own hero? 
Many things are in the pipeline, this included. When they will arrive and in what form is yet to be seen, but yes. And let’s not forget that its possible to kit-bash WZR models so I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone's conversions.

When do you think we will get our hands on Imperial and the next DL wave? 
Well we have 10 new units in the current book, at least 1 for each faction first, but I think 2014 is a very good estimation.
Is there anything you learnt from doing the Kickstarter that you would change if you could go back? 
Not really, it was a roller-coaster, we had our ups and downs, and more than our fair share of trolls, but it exceeded all expectation.

Do you plan on diversifying in the future into other sectors of the hobby market say Terrain or Paints either solely or with a partner?
Prodos is a very ambitious company and as such I am certain what we have now (and set for the next year) is just the tip of the iceberg.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Decisions Decisionsi

So following on from my previous post I have come to the decision that space is at a premium so I cannot focus on as many games as I would like and therefore am going to drop down to 3-4 games instead of 6+

So I am thinking of comparative gaming styles and whilst these are not identical they are similar.

40K vs Warzone. - both are squad based games and whilst one is considered a skirmish game and the other a mass battle game they have similar force sizes. Now I love the fluff of 40K and the sculpts are lovely but the prices are over the top and i am not a huge fan of the game play. so I will be focusing on Warzone as i really have gone in on the KS and the guys behind it are great and involved in the community.

Malifaux vs Deadzone - Again Deadzone i have gone in on the KS and played in the beta and it is a great fun game but so is Malifaux Whilst the theme of Mali with the steam-punk wild west horror is very cool the simple nature of Deadzone wins out.

Star Trek Attack Wing and Dropzone Commander - These are very different games and i am thinking can i not do both but time is the issue and the star trek game is great fun but the minis are poor so they need repaints. and i already own all the currently released Star trek mins so its definitely

So my new plan is Warzone, Deadzone and Star Trek Attack Wing.

and i will hopefully be having some details on Warzone next week.

Monday, 2 September 2013

I need Space.....

So last week i mentioned all the games i am getting into which is awesome i love new toys

however i am starting to feel like this

So im  my reportoire of mini and games i have the following (not a complete list)

Incursion - Original with minis
Blood bowl.
Dreadball - plus extra teams and MVP's
Warhammer Bits
Warhammer 40K Marines, Chaos, Eldar and various bits.
Empire of the dead
Pulp city
Wrath of Kings
Various Reaper minis.
Dropzone commander
Dystopian Wars
War Rocket
Super dungeon explore
Star trek Attack wing

All this and more in a room that is only just big enough for my paint table

So i may need to clear out some of these and as much as i would like to keep the eldar i think i may need to except that i only need 1 army for 40K especially considering the likelyhood of skipping a lot of it in 2014 and focusing on other games.

so anyone else have a storage issue.