Thursday, 25 April 2013

Tale of X Gamers (Sluggaz Style)

Tomorrow sees the start of the Southampton Sluggaz Tale of Gamers and after some deliberation i will be participating with a fallen blood angels force.

The rules and timeline are here Tale Plan.PDF

I need to come up with a HQ & Troop choice (total 300 points) for my theme which is going to be heavy Death Company as they are clearly unknowing Khorne followers

So the start is a Reclusiarch (super Chaplain) as my HQ and a Death Company Troop choice.

Reclusiarchs are pretty cool with Crozius and rosarius making them crunchy enough to lead a force all it needed was a jet pack

The Troop choice is more of a challenge Death Company start at 3 models with jump packs i am almost at the points already.  so add a couple of special weapons to make the members unique i am there

plus side to this is 4 models to build and paint in a month which means hopefully i can do something nice with them. negative side is at the end of May i will be fielding 4 models versus a few horde forces.

I need a name so suggestions are welcome.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Army update

Just a quick post about an addition to my necrons.

A doom/night scythe.

Friday, 5 April 2013

New Project part 2 Update

I am still working on the project its just slow going but thanks to a friend getting me some cool Spellcrow Pirate orc heads its getting pushed full throttle.

The Detail on these heads is amazing and though it has minimal flash and mold lines they do not cut through any detail and i have yet to find any bubbles

So with heads sorted i needed more Cybork parts so i went Crazy with Kromlech via the Troll Trader

And because they look amazing i also ordered a few Mega nobz

I am so Excited to do this project just need to finalise the list to build from there