Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Warzone Resurrection!

Prodos games have a kickstarter on-going for this game which is a rerelease of the 1990’s Mutant Chronicles Warzone. Whilst I never played the game I did own some of the books for this and the RPG which will also be getting a rerelease.

Mutant chronicles is set in a future world where corporations have taken over and control various planets the factions are


Capitol – (Just unlocked in the Kickstarter)

Bahaus – (original target for the Kickstarter)

Cybertronic – Heavy Cybernetic corporation

Mishima – (not released yet)

Imperial – (not released yet)

Brotherhood – underlying religious group tying the corps together


Dark Legion – Faction trying to wipe out the others.

So far five of the factions are ready for release and the kits will be plastic for the troops.

The Game is a total revision of the old game only maintaining the fluff and background, it is currently in beta with the rules available from Prodos.

I am a huge fan of the Brotherhood but also like the models in the Bahaus & Cybertronic range.

I am supporting this and hope you do too as there is plenty of time left for them to smash future goals.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

More updates

So I visited a games club last weekend and it was a cool experience, everyone was welcoming and though I played more dreadball than anything else I did get to try flames of war.

My stug g's blasted my opponents churchill's and was good fun.

Did bring up the whole fiction vs historical debate but time will tell.

Also had my deep wars delivered and they are some lovely models.

Current dreadball w/l ratio is 1-3 so at least have now won a game.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Dreadball and other updates

So for my birthday I picked up a copy of Dreadball along with all the mvp's out so far

I have played a couple games and have painted one of the two teams

So far I am 0-2 which I hope improves.

On the 40k front I am working on the Sons of Prospero and have one unit almost done with another part done.

More dreadball updates to come