Monday, 23 March 2015

All fun and games

So I've been away on a nice break to Barcelona and it was lovely I even found one of the games workshops.

I am still working on the goblins and the board for open combat. 

Also still working on space wolves legion I have some tanks to add but feel the need to go elsewhere with it perhaps a knights Errants force made out of an unbound list each man a centurion with garro as a praetor. Then some vehicles to offer support not particularly competitive but would be cool. 

Thinking about expanding my open combat lists with some of the gale force nine dungeon and dragons minis or perhaps some reaper minis to bulk out a force 

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Open Combat my new joy in Gaming

I was perusing the internet prior to my birthday and came across an article about a skirmish system

this piqued my interest in a multitude of ways firstly I was looking for something fantasy to pass the time until the Warhammer End Times passed and to find out if the rumours were true , it only needed a handful of models so I could dabble without much investment, but whilst pottering around the company's website I saw

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. How big is the area needed to play?
A. Open Combat can be played in any area but we recommend approximately 24″x 24″

Wow a game I can actually play at home without difficulty, don't get me wrong i can play at the club too but sometimes its nice to play a game when you want to.

then I had an idea 2ft square theme boards and I was sold.

I have begun previously working on terrain and have made a little piece about 10 inches wide as a raised platform so from here I was thinking a cemetery to fight on.

from here I needed some men so as I was at Warhammer World I picked up the Night Goblin Command and my friend bought me a Goblin hero on a Squig

So currently I am waiting on my cemetery bits to show up and still deciding if I want lots of paving or grass in said cemetery

Comments always welcome and i have just broken 20000 views i will be running a competition shortly to say thanks


Friday, 13 March 2015


"What Scale  of games do you play" I was asked and straight away I answered Mass combat or skirmish usually

But it could of meant actual size scale and then I play 28mm heroic, 35mm, 28mm true and 10mm 

I have played many scales in many types of games and personally like my models to be reasonably large so I can attempt to paint them well

but that doesn't mean a set scale firestorm Armada ships are a tiny scale but the models themselves are massive easily out sizing a normal Warhammer model 

so you find a size you like and play that then do you go for skirmish where each model is independent or squad based and are you looking at platoon level with a couple of squads and a support or mass combat with ranks and ranks of fighting men/massive Armies with a single model representing a battalion

as I said I like approx 28mm if I am honest about it and I prefer skirmish games with 10 models at most and a smaller playing surface.

now most of the games i play fit into one side or the other on this opinion and a couple fit in both.

What are your favourite scales?