Monday, 17 June 2013


So another week over and with limited hobby time I did get some bits done.

I converted a hellbrute to be my death company dreadnought, and started work on the other 2 men for my squad.

I got a game in on Saturday a king of the hill style game which was silly fun and then got in some x-wing.

I also finally painted my mdf dreadball board in my forgeborn fighters colours.

So with warzone due next month, the tale of gamers force and my dreadball teams should I get into x-wing too?

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Grumpy old Wargamer Con - Warzone, Mutant Chronicles!

Wow it was an amazing day i played two games of Warzone and i also played a demo of the Mutant Chronicles RPG

The venue is quite small though there is work going on to expand the area but if i am honest i actually preferred it compared to the likes of Salute.

Whilst my highlight of the day was getting my own over sized necromutant but i also got interviewed by Templarscrusade01 so i may feature in a youtube vid :)

The Necromutant model given away the detail is amazing.

anyway you wanted pics i hope you like them (if you are on the Warzone forum there will be extra pictures there

Pictures of the battles i played on the fabulous lunar board

The over sized Necromutant in its painted glory

and his Everassur

The all powerful awesome awe inspiring pledge changing Alakhai the Cunning!

Armoured Chassuers



Well i hope you like the photos and i hope you pick up the game


Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Grumpy Old Wargamers Con Pre post

This weekend me and my mate Cybermonkey are off to Essex for the First annual Con Run by Templarscrusade01 off Youtube

 I am very excited as it will be the first time Warzone Ressurection will be shown to the public and i think Modiphius will be showing pieces from their upcomming Mutant Chronicles RPG Kickstarter

Just a short update but lots of pictures and videos to follow after the weekend

Ishi out :)

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Tale update 2nd force

So last weekend I was a bit adrift for something to paint so popped into the local Gw with a plan to pick up a dreadnought to add to my month 2.
But instead I bought a box of plague bearers and three of the plastic Hq's.
The bank holiday Monday I painted 
Most of them and thought it was a Hq and a troop choice so why not add it to a tale of force.


This weekend I added to it by making an objcetive marker and another herald.
I also pulled apart a daemon price model I have and swapped some parts out and added a little green stuff to make a nurgle daemon.
The next troop will be more plaguebearers and maybe some nurglings to round it out.