Monday, 23 September 2013

Malifaux 2.0 is coming

Its is coming this weekend Malifaux 2.0 and it is an exciting time.

I saw the rulebook this past weekend at Colours and can say it looks lovely i dont know how the new rules play in comparison to the old as i didn't have time for a game

Alongside the rules release they are releasing Arsenal decks which feature all of the cards from the rulebook for each faction inc Ten thunders and Gremlins as separate factions.

and some new starter sets that are plastic versions of some of the original metal sets that look amazing

From reviews so far out on the interwebs i have only heard one bad piece which is the Viktorias in the hired Swords box set seem out of scale when in hand. but that's the only negative and everything else is good from reports.

I will be looking to get a new game in on the 1st October so will give a better review on the products then.

So much for my decision to not play certain games as at the moment its now 40K, Dropzone and Malifaux with Star trek on the side (pending arrival of the Warzone and Deadzone)

Also i have a huge list of games that i will be getting rid of shortly so if in my earlier post about all the games i own if you want any that's not in the above list let me know in the comments

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