Thursday, 5 September 2013

Decisions Decisionsi

So following on from my previous post I have come to the decision that space is at a premium so I cannot focus on as many games as I would like and therefore am going to drop down to 3-4 games instead of 6+

So I am thinking of comparative gaming styles and whilst these are not identical they are similar.

40K vs Warzone. - both are squad based games and whilst one is considered a skirmish game and the other a mass battle game they have similar force sizes. Now I love the fluff of 40K and the sculpts are lovely but the prices are over the top and i am not a huge fan of the game play. so I will be focusing on Warzone as i really have gone in on the KS and the guys behind it are great and involved in the community.

Malifaux vs Deadzone - Again Deadzone i have gone in on the KS and played in the beta and it is a great fun game but so is Malifaux Whilst the theme of Mali with the steam-punk wild west horror is very cool the simple nature of Deadzone wins out.

Star Trek Attack Wing and Dropzone Commander - These are very different games and i am thinking can i not do both but time is the issue and the star trek game is great fun but the minis are poor so they need repaints. and i already own all the currently released Star trek mins so its definitely

So my new plan is Warzone, Deadzone and Star Trek Attack Wing.

and i will hopefully be having some details on Warzone next week.