Monday, 2 September 2013

I need Space.....

So last week i mentioned all the games i am getting into which is awesome i love new toys

however i am starting to feel like this

So im  my reportoire of mini and games i have the following (not a complete list)

Incursion - Original with minis
Blood bowl.
Dreadball - plus extra teams and MVP's
Warhammer Bits
Warhammer 40K Marines, Chaos, Eldar and various bits.
Empire of the dead
Pulp city
Wrath of Kings
Various Reaper minis.
Dropzone commander
Dystopian Wars
War Rocket
Super dungeon explore
Star trek Attack wing

All this and more in a room that is only just big enough for my paint table

So i may need to clear out some of these and as much as i would like to keep the eldar i think i may need to except that i only need 1 army for 40K especially considering the likelyhood of skipping a lot of it in 2014 and focusing on other games.

so anyone else have a storage issue.

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