Thursday, 12 September 2013

Colours 2013, Updates and Girl Painting's Crazy plans

Hi all,

Going to the Colours show in Newbury on Sunday Colours 2013 and i quite excited as Hawk Wargames will be there and they have already confirmed they are providing my missing parts

On the update table i have begun painting my Shaltari i am going blue & gold as a colour scheme. I am going to chat to a friend of mine about the PHR and see if he has some suggestions for a colour scheme as i am not sure i could copy the studio scheme.

i have almost finished my 2 klingon test pieces for Star trek which look pretty nice the minis are actually quite detailed its just a crap paint job (i am not saying they are amazing just have details).

I still have a Decimator, a Plaguehulk and a blightdrone to paint for my nurgle force and a huge pile of Eldar to paint or be rid of.

On a great note Warzone is beginning to ship this week so i should soon be positing pics of minis and videoing some unboxings. Deadzone also had good news in that it is shipping in late next month .

Finally GirlPainting  on You Tube posted a video about alternate heresy in a what if Erebus was killed and did not turn Horus. i find thoughts like this really interesting and if you do pop here take a look and comment.