Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Sons of Prospero

Erasmus woke with a start, the dream still fresh in his mind: stood on a hill top, overlooking a burning city filled with spires and pillars over which a looming blinking eye gazed down in fury.
Erasmus splashed cold water in his face, placed a robe over his gene-enhanced shoulders and left his sparse chamber. He was a grey knight and faith was all the items he needed. The corridor was empty as he strode down it towards the chapel. The heavy door was open as is the way of the Emperor’s open arms and Erasmus knew he would find solace here.
The chapel was quiet. The few still burning candles threw shadows over the figure knelt in front of the shrine.
“Grand Master I did not mean to interrupt your prayers.”
“Do not trouble yourself Erasmus, I simply could not sleep.” Grand Master Irakus stood and turned on his Brother Captain.
“What troubles you?”
“Dreams my Lord, I have been having terrible dreams!” Erasmus felt uneasy remembering the images.
“Of a burning land and a blinking eye?” Irakus looked into the stunned face of Erasmus.
“What you see is Prospero and Magnus betraying the Emperor's decree. All of us descended from the geneseed get the dreams at some point but it is unusual for many to have them at the same time.”
“My Lord, what do you mean?”
“I too have been having the dreams lately and you are not the first brother I have seen recently.”
“What does it mean?”
“I believe it is time to cleanse the betrayal that has sat over our line for ten thousand years; it is time for the Sons of Prospero to crusade against the Sons of Magnus. We will gather those who have had the dreams and go towards the Eye!”