Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Sons of Prospero pt 2

The Sword of Vengeance docked with the spaceport, the frigate attached like a barnacle to the massive structure that in turn was dwarfed by the planet Fenris. Grand Master Erasmus walked down the ramp towards the airlock, flanked by Ezekiel and Garviel, his trusted brother captains, their crimson armour reflecting off the polished plasteel corridor.

"Remember brothers, we are guests here, but the wolves remember our symbol as something other than the purity we carry."

"Yes, my Lord," both men replied.

The airlock opened and a young man in fur and bone stood before them with a full squad of marines surrounding him. "I am the Wolf Lord Blackmane. I bid you welcome though you give inquisitorial call signs; your armour is not one I recognise?"

"Greetings Lord Blackmane. I am Grand Master Erasmus, formerly brother captain of the Grey Knights, now chapter master of the Sons of Prospero."

At the final word the marines with the young Lord flicked their weapons up at the potential threat. "Why are you named such: Prospero was a doomed world cursed at its heart?"

"We are descended from those born of Prospero. But the world was not cursed, only the betrayer that failed us and the Emperor. The Emperor has chosen us to deliver his judgment to those who failed him."

"Why have you come here, Son of Prospero?" The last uttered with vehemence. "Do you wish to punish us too for the Emperor's decree?"

"No, Honourable Wolf Lord, we seek allies and where else would we go than to those whose greatest went into the Eye to continue the Emperor's order?"

"Come then brothers, let us drink and make merry whilst you tell us your tales of valour and how you came to be here."