Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Large battle games vs Skirmish games

I am writing this article because i have a nightmare picking and sticking to one army in Warhammer 40K

I have small forces for many of the factions but just cannot seem to pick a single army mostly due to Painting boredom and partly due to "Shiny syndrome"

I like new, unique models and so when painting large forces like a 40K army i paint a unit or two then get bored as something else piques my interest

This can be caused by a new army list being released with a new batch of models or a new game entirely

Now skirmish games remove part of the problem as most skirmish games have unique styles and models with a low model count which removes the paint boredom

The Shiny Syndrome is helped by multiple skirmish games working out easy to get forces built and painted for.

Now a friend of mine has started work on a new 40K force with the sole purpose of finishing up with a beautiful army.

Maybe this is the route i should take but i still have no idea on forces.

Some thoughts would be..

  • Eldar Craftworld Army
  • Eldar Corsairs Army

  • A Marine Army theme list

  • Tyranids

what are your thoughts?