Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Relics Rules Review

I have talked about Relics alot recently and its because i was reall interested in getting into the game

Tor Gaming has a PDF of the rules on their sight so i downloaded them and gave them a read through.

The current rules which are being updated shortly are still good the system is reasonably simple to attack you roll a number of dice equal to the combat value - the defence of the unit your attacking and you are looking for doubles

the amount of dice can be adjusted by ganging up so you can have multiple models attack at the same time to increase the dice pool by one for each extra model upto 3

The fluff is good if a little short though it is spread throughout the book with poems and short fictions placed on pages with rules

The Factions other than looking unique feel unique the normal fantasy races appear but in a very different way. The Orcnar embody this the most a peaceful race at one with the earth then the great spell was cast and they were changed into the current orcnar race.

Overall the book could do with being more colourful but the art and fluff are great.

Quality 3/5  - black and white only could do with more colour.
Fluff 5/5 - the fluff is top quality and easily the best piece of the book
Rules 4/5 - the rules with the errata are pretty straight forward

Overall Score - 4/5 with a bit more colour this could be a 5/5


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