Friday, 13 March 2015


"What Scale  of games do you play" I was asked and straight away I answered Mass combat or skirmish usually

But it could of meant actual size scale and then I play 28mm heroic, 35mm, 28mm true and 10mm 

I have played many scales in many types of games and personally like my models to be reasonably large so I can attempt to paint them well

but that doesn't mean a set scale firestorm Armada ships are a tiny scale but the models themselves are massive easily out sizing a normal Warhammer model 

so you find a size you like and play that then do you go for skirmish where each model is independent or squad based and are you looking at platoon level with a couple of squads and a support or mass combat with ranks and ranks of fighting men/massive Armies with a single model representing a battalion

as I said I like approx 28mm if I am honest about it and I prefer skirmish games with 10 models at most and a smaller playing surface.

now most of the games i play fit into one side or the other on this opinion and a couple fit in both.

What are your favourite scales?