Saturday, 14 March 2015

Open Combat my new joy in Gaming

I was perusing the internet prior to my birthday and came across an article about a skirmish system

this piqued my interest in a multitude of ways firstly I was looking for something fantasy to pass the time until the Warhammer End Times passed and to find out if the rumours were true , it only needed a handful of models so I could dabble without much investment, but whilst pottering around the company's website I saw

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. How big is the area needed to play?
A. Open Combat can be played in any area but we recommend approximately 24″x 24″

Wow a game I can actually play at home without difficulty, don't get me wrong i can play at the club too but sometimes its nice to play a game when you want to.

then I had an idea 2ft square theme boards and I was sold.

I have begun previously working on terrain and have made a little piece about 10 inches wide as a raised platform so from here I was thinking a cemetery to fight on.

from here I needed some men so as I was at Warhammer World I picked up the Night Goblin Command and my friend bought me a Goblin hero on a Squig

So currently I am waiting on my cemetery bits to show up and still deciding if I want lots of paving or grass in said cemetery

Comments always welcome and i have just broken 20000 views i will be running a competition shortly to say thanks