Saturday, 21 February 2015

The hobby?

Firstly I think this will come off better as a vlog but I think the discussion will be better here.

Why do you hobby?

In my opinion there are three/four parts to the wargamer hobby 

1. The first part is collecting which can be  for a completionist reason or just picking up the models you like

2. Painting - if you want to paint competition worthy pieces or just tabletop pieces.

3. Gaming. Not going into more detail play how ever you for whatever reason.

4. Background - I realise most people will not be interested based on a games fluff but for me it's a deal breaker so it's obviously the facet of our hobby that is highly important to me

That's not to say the other parts are not important and they all have the edge at times but fluff for me is the driver

Games I really like have lots of history or back-story that I can absorb myself into and games lacking in this area I struggle with.

I have an extremely addictive personality so when I get into something properly I am all in I may not want to collect everything but if it's for my faction I want it including the rare things this is when collecting becomes my highest importance.

Painting is my hobby time, I am not the best painter but I am mostly happy with my results and I spend a lot of time looking at techniques to try and improve.  I spend more time painting and building models than anything else yet its not really ever my most important part of my hobby

now for something I rarely do I mean like at  most frequent once a month but more likely quarterly, gaming features as my highest focus I will only collect models if its towards an end goal of playing a game which is why many of my models sit in a box.

so my hobby time is probably split 50% Fluff, 49% painting and 1% Gaming

So I hobby to game yet rarely do so or I hobby for the fluff for playing in so I actually have an end goal based on gaming  a theme based on fluff that also allows me to paint. I prefer the second thought to the first as otherwise I spend a lot of time preparing for nothing.


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