Monday, 16 February 2015

Update and what to play on friday

So a friend of mine is coming down the club on Friday and we said we would play a game of something

Check out his blog

So we chatted about possibilities and came up with the following

  • Dropzone Commander - i have a growing Resistance force and a starter for Scourge and my friend is just building his first Scourge force so we put that to one side until he has built more.
  • Malifaux - I have 2 forces and its an awesome game but due to other games already on his list we couldn't play this.
  • Warzone Resurrection - The game that always maybe is, i love this game and consider it possibly the best game i have ever played in its design but my army is still not finished and my friend has packed his away so whilst we say we will play i am unsure it will ever happen.
  • Wolsung - A game both of us want to play i even have a painted starter but he is still waiting on kickstarter to get delivered so another "we will play"
  • Firestorm Planetfall - a game i would like to try but unfortunately i was unaware that my friends who own the game are yet to actually play it so another no.
  • Bolt Action - unfortunately my armies are not yet ready
  • Warhammer 40K - The old faithful, everyone knows it and almost everyone plays it i have a number of armies and hauling them out for an evening is easy and quick so perhaps this is the perfect game especially when you consider the last game of anything was a fun "kill the knight" game back in December
From there where do you go i have all these games and others that when it comes down to it i don't play more than a handful of times and i have Warhammer 40K that i bash a lot but have great fun i love the fluff and the minis and when compared to the likes of malifaux easily comparable in quality but more pose-able than the mono-pose Malifaux.

So recently i have been working on my 30K heresy wolves and i love them alongside my 40K demons of Nurgle.

My collected Heresy wolves at the moment there is 1300 pts excluding the knight that's painted but have more tactical marines and and assault squad to add and a Typhon Siege tank due on my birthday

This is a couple of pictures of my (Glotkin) Great unclean one that also shows an old metal Plaguebearer for a size comparison loved painting this.

So Friday 40K and then Warhammer world on the 1st March for my birthday quite excited