Monday, 17 November 2014

Batman and other projects

So i built and painted some batman figures a while back both Batman and Green Arrow but didn't have enough to build a team

So for a change i bought the Black Mask crew and threw that together and primed them its a really nice set of models with very little clean up required especially versus the batman model which had a fair bit needed. 

A friend also wanted to play Mordheim so i have built my first warband of the two i need - a group of Reiklanders 

And my newest unit for my preheresy rules a Tactical support squad with 5 flamers (need to replace the chainsword as my sergeant cannot have one and a flamer)

Also added a Knight and a Librarian to my force too now it really needs some tanks.

Hopefully i will have enough to field a proper 1500 point heresy force soon as i really want to organise a 30K intro game at the club.


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