Friday, 24 October 2014

Slacking and other things

So my 30 day challenge shifted to my demons as Ultramarines are a bit boring

I have an amazing Demon Prince model and a second GW Demon Prince to add to my Nurgle army along with a Plague Hulk and a Drone to finish.

So the goal is to have them done by beginning of November and so far its not going great as all i have done is built the Demon Prince

If i am honest i got distracted by an Imperial knight which i may now have to Nurgle up now.

Other than 40K i have prepped my Lilith Crew for painting so that will be fun. I have also found my 101st Airborne along with my Sherman for Bolt action so can finishing working on them and get a game in

I also realised i have let Warzone slack a little and need to do plenty of work on my Cyber and Mishima and get some games in as it is awsome. 

Remember if you want to know anything about Warzone please drop me a message as i would be happy to
fill you in on the coolness of the game.