Sunday, 12 October 2014

30 Day challenge.

So whilst I looked at a few new factions for the 30 day challenge a friend has passed on his ultramarines army so whilst I will partake in my 30 days I need to tidy them up a bit which will be some work.

I have also received my chaos demons back which also need a bit of work

So first things first I need to break down exactly what is in the Ultramarines. split it into workable pieces and then decide what to add for the challenge

Razorback & Dreadnought

whirlwind and Rhino



Tactical squad 1

Tactical Squad 2, Scout Squad and devastators

Remainder of the Tactical squad 2 and the devastators plus assault squad 1

3 terminator squads 1 assault and 2 shooty

Tactical squad 3 and assault squad 2

on top of that Forge world announced book 5 is called Tempest and is the first in the Calth series so maybe look at the boys in blue to be heresy legal as well.

also finished painting my chaos warriors for the fantasy army and started building the knights.

So lots on the go just need to decide what to bulk out my Ultramarines with and I feel it needs vehicles and maybe centurions.