Friday, 7 March 2014

Warzone painting log part 2

So I have finished my part for Big Jim's painting challenge but still have a lot of time to go so built some more Bauhaus and also reworking on my Dark Legion.

For month 2 I painted Max Steiner, a squad of hussars and a squad of juggernauts.

I have built 5 etoiles mortant and a Venusian ranger and 2 vorreitters I may hold of until next month challenge for them though as I still have to base of build a load more.

For my legion (haven taken photos of most of it yet) I primed alakhai with his new sword the old one was too small, a Razide with a nazgaroth and my squad of undead legionnaires. I also built and primed Golgotha, a squad of Praetorian Stalkers with scythes of semai and a Praetorian Behemoth 

So lots to paint now very exciting times.