Saturday, 22 March 2014

Warzone action or how I got blown up

So Paul and I got together for our first proper 1000pt game with cards

We got take and hold with quarter deployment which was awesome 

Set up and army lists


Upgrade - crazy horses

Warlord big bob

10 Airborne
5 free marines
5 heavy infantry

2 purple sharks 



Warlord - Angelika Drachen
Lord - Max Steiner

5 hussars - schnel and iron will with a rocket launcher
5 hussars - schnel and iron will with a MG40
3 Juggernauts - schnel
Vulkan - schnel 

Turn 1 - Capitol initiative

The Capitol forces moved up and Angelika moved up and called in an air strike which got lost en route thanks to Bob

The sharks moved up and blasted a jugger to bits.

The Vulcan moved towards the objective the free marines infiltrated to and flamed 3 of them

The free marines retaliated with c4 but failed to scratch the impressive Bahaus designed armour

Max cleared another marine 

The airborne deployed launching missiles as they land 

Before the missile attacks from 10 airborne....

After the fusillade....

This made me very sad...

Turn 2 

The juggernauts opened up destroying the sharks followed by the heavy infantry killing the juggernauts with armour piercing rounds 

The orca pumps out lots of fire immobilising the Vulkan.

At this point Steiner and 2 hussars were all I had left able to effectively fight so i conceded for lunch.

Was a great game the first half of turn 1 I couldn't fail a roll my Vulcan passed every life support check I rolled.

But the dice turned against me in at the top of one when the airborne landed and I lost so much.

Oh well back to another game.