Sunday, 16 March 2014

Dust Tactics

So I popped to the local games store this weekend and picked up some new toys also a very good game

Dust tactics

The Dust background is a continuance of WW2 with a dash of alien tech and removal of Hitler

I picked up all three starters and the quality is good and it all comes pre-built and pre primed in a faction colour

each Taskforce contains a paper battle-map, a rulebook and a set of faction dice.

The game plays with specialist dice to resolve tests the dice have 3 symbols. A faction logo which is what you need for most rolls and then a shield which helps in cover rolls and a target symbol which i haven't used yet

The game plays somewhat like Deadzone in that it is a grid based game and movement/range  is based on number of squares

The models information comes on a card, here is a breakdown of the card layout.

The game plays quickly but is also has a tactical depth rivalling most war games.

The Rulebook including fluff info is available Dustrules_starter.pdf

After the starters the models to expand the range are varied and interesting including some superheroes.

looking forward to playing more