Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Doubles tournament

This last Saturday was the sluggaz doubles tournament which was great fun and my first 40k tournament

A huge thank you to all my opponents you were all awesome and to the tourney organisers

I am not going to post names as there are a couple I cannot remember which is not surprising when you add 10 hours gaming to a bad cold.

Game 1 vs tau and dark angels straight objectives

This was a disaster of a game tactic wise the pods went exactly where we wanted but failed to do much upon arrival and the drone squad with suit commander was disgusting in firepower ways.
In the end we were pretty much tabled.

Game 2 Eldar/guard - big guns never tire

Tanks and a wraithknight scared us quite a bit but we managed to hold on to a couple of objectives and snag the win.

Game 3 sisters of battle/guard - six random objectives

This was an awesome game and probably my favourite of the tourney especially as everything seemed to go badly for us with the drop pod scattering off the table and ending up in our deployment zone. It all came down to holding objectives and we managed to hold some of the objectives and so did our opponents meaning a draw.

Game 4 eldar/dark eldar - purge the alien

This was probably the hardest fought and fun game wraithguard and grotesques ripped through our ranks and it was just one big melee by the end which we luckily won.
So first tournament and a hard fought 2 wins and a draw

Pics are from the first game before phone battery got low