Saturday, 5 December 2015

Dragonmeet 2015 Or for me Devils Run Con

So today i went to the Dragonmeet roleplaying convention in London and it was a great dayout i looked ar a few games but in all honesty i went up for one reason to see the Word forge games.

Devils Run Route 666 is a game i backed on Kickstarter and caught up with the guys at there booth where i saw some of the casts of the models  (pics below) and some painted models too

I also played a couple of demos which is the first time i have played since the latest rules were released which you can find here including the cards

The models are looking amazing there is a model in 20mm scale which as a driver in car has a bowler hat and a pipe its so small that i couldn't get a clear picture.

One of the highest point is the fact that i met the two gentlemen that worked on the artwork and fluff for my character Lord  Hood who also featured on the back of the con guide.

So Excited! for this to arrive in the new year and anytime someone wants a game shout happy to guide, demo or just play.