Saturday, 31 October 2015

I Return!

So after a hiatus on the club blog I have decided mine should live again (thanks Jim) I am continuing to cover games I like though I suspect this to be a different list to previously.

So i also now have a man cave (Tardis) so can properly paint and play though restricted to 4x4 games

Batman Miniatures Game – the new major game I collect and sometimes play has interesting mechanics and plays quite quickly with great heroes and villains from the batman/dc universe . If you like Batman or comics check it out

Guild Ball – easiest pick up and play game for me and its football (soccer) with some amazing models and in my opinion the best table top sports game out there.

I am struggling for the 3rd game due to finances and time but will end up one of these three

Horus Heresy – 30K is still where I want to play GW  games so happy the Betrayal at Calth box is coming once I settle on a legion of course

Malifaux - After GW the most popular game at the club and great fun also plays on 3x3 table so can play in Tardis.

Knight models legends - Marvel universe because Marvel!

 Also I have Kickstarted a couple of games that are due soon/early next year

Devils Run Route 666 – I supported on kick-starter so will continue the journey here hopefully showing off my model as it comes to life

MERCS Recon - a board game of corporate espionage which looks like it will finally ship in the next few months .

So lots on and suggestions for third game most definitely welcome.