Friday, 17 April 2015

STC’s and other stuff

I started with 40k in rogue trader and it was underdeveloped rubbish (i know some people will hate me for that) but it was a mismatch of sci-fi and fantasy tropes where as the next release started to properly form the history that we know and love 


The grim stagnant Imperium that cannot create only replicate from ancient templates found on distant worlds used by the Mechanicus who really should be called the ‘Maintenance’. But the STC that was the foundation of imperial technology is gone all so they can release new models. Which whilst I understand they need to evolve their game and keep money rolling in, just feels wrong taking the core background and changing or removing at a whim devalues the background to me. What is the point in liking a faction that is being out advanced by the youngest race or out evolved by a genetic monstrosity if a year down the line the technology balances  out and what was a slight underdog is now prime in the universe again.


Now i realise this is because i am getting older i no longer think the big explosions are the most important part to the story i now was a consistency. I do understand the forge world heresy products being made into 40K relics that totally works or producing models or factions that are talked about in the background but haven’t had model for the game.


I love what they have done with Knights and the Mechanicus and especially the Daemonkin (though chaos should of always been this way mono god but mixed demons/marines)


Now there are games out there that i don’t like as much for the game but the fluff is giving 40K a run for its money and i am excited about the new Warhammer Fantasy as that is an evolution and a reset to the fluff.


I also have done more work on my Board needs detailing and flocking


And don’t forget i still have a competition going