Monday, 7 July 2014

Wolsung steampunk love

If there is one thing I like its Steampunk its why I dabble in Malifaux. now finally after a couple of years Micro Art Studio have gotten ducks in a row and started planning a bigger release schedule for Wolsung

 They have launched a kickstarter and as at typing it has 12 days to go

Originally just the three factions

The lordly Ash & Oak Club made up of human and elven nobility.

The second faction is the Invetors Club made up of anyone with a deep thought and creative brain.

Finally the Triad of Lotus Dragon a den of thieves and villains from the east looking to subvert that which they could not conquer.

The game is free flowing with heroes and sidekicks doing daring dos and epic stunts it uses D6 as a base system but also a deck of cards to steal initiative, do stunts and cast magic. 

Beasts of war have done some intro videos to help understand the game. Vid 1 Vid 2

The Rules are available for free on the website here

Wolsung is set in simplest terms an advanced fantasy world somewhat akin to Lord of the Rings crossed with Jules Verne

in addition to the skirmish game there is a roleplaying game available too so can fulfil both itches for those so inclined

I do recommend people check out the Kickstarter as it is looking to add two new factions an dark mystical undead faction and the awesome Halfling gangsters with a touch of Cthulhu.

They have hit the funding goal and are just opening up stretch goals.



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