Sunday, 8 June 2014

Heroes of the Solar System and The Iady

So Prodos Games have released the pdf for their hero creator one of the best tools in a wargame in my opinion.

The document allows you to create a hero for your faction amend his stats even give him equipment to fit a section that he was in like heavy infantry or airborne.

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also included is a series of pre-made characters to add to the list in the main rulebook including the Capitolian faction's Iron Lady. A medic who previously disgusted with the deaths of a thousand soldiers due to Imperial gas attacks turned up on a heavy infantry attack to lead them to victory.

This bit of fluff is a cross reference to the piece in the main rulebook that i am referenced in.

My friend did a huge thing for me and had my likeness commissioned into a piece of art which also features the Iron Lady and Brigadier P Rist.

So now issues set in this is of the one best games I have played and has amazing miniatures i just need to paint up the factions i have already so I can get some Capitolians.

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