Thursday, 25 April 2013

Tale of X Gamers (Sluggaz Style)

Tomorrow sees the start of the Southampton Sluggaz Tale of Gamers and after some deliberation i will be participating with a fallen blood angels force.

The rules and timeline are here Tale Plan.PDF

I need to come up with a HQ & Troop choice (total 300 points) for my theme which is going to be heavy Death Company as they are clearly unknowing Khorne followers

So the start is a Reclusiarch (super Chaplain) as my HQ and a Death Company Troop choice.

Reclusiarchs are pretty cool with Crozius and rosarius making them crunchy enough to lead a force all it needed was a jet pack

The Troop choice is more of a challenge Death Company start at 3 models with jump packs i am almost at the points already.  so add a couple of special weapons to make the members unique i am there

plus side to this is 4 models to build and paint in a month which means hopefully i can do something nice with them. negative side is at the end of May i will be fielding 4 models versus a few horde forces.

I need a name so suggestions are welcome.