Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Warzone Resurrection!

Prodos games have a kickstarter on-going for this game which is a rerelease of the 1990’s Mutant Chronicles Warzone. Whilst I never played the game I did own some of the books for this and the RPG which will also be getting a rerelease.

Mutant chronicles is set in a future world where corporations have taken over and control various planets the factions are


Capitol – (Just unlocked in the Kickstarter)

Bahaus – (original target for the Kickstarter)

Cybertronic – Heavy Cybernetic corporation

Mishima – (not released yet)

Imperial – (not released yet)

Brotherhood – underlying religious group tying the corps together


Dark Legion – Faction trying to wipe out the others.

So far five of the factions are ready for release and the kits will be plastic for the troops.

The Game is a total revision of the old game only maintaining the fluff and background, it is currently in beta with the rules available from Prodos.

I am a huge fan of the Brotherhood but also like the models in the Bahaus & Cybertronic range.

I am supporting this and hope you do too as there is plenty of time left for them to smash future goals.