Saturday, 8 June 2013

Grumpy old Wargamer Con - Warzone, Mutant Chronicles!

Wow it was an amazing day i played two games of Warzone and i also played a demo of the Mutant Chronicles RPG

The venue is quite small though there is work going on to expand the area but if i am honest i actually preferred it compared to the likes of Salute.

Whilst my highlight of the day was getting my own over sized necromutant but i also got interviewed by Templarscrusade01 so i may feature in a youtube vid :)

The Necromutant model given away the detail is amazing.

anyway you wanted pics i hope you like them (if you are on the Warzone forum there will be extra pictures there

Pictures of the battles i played on the fabulous lunar board

The over sized Necromutant in its painted glory

and his Everassur

The all powerful awesome awe inspiring pledge changing Alakhai the Cunning!

Armoured Chassuers



Well i hope you like the photos and i hope you pick up the game


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