Saturday 9 January 2016

New Endeavor on an old game

Battletech! Miniature Giant Mech combat

After various excitement from some at the club i jumped in and bought the introductory starter set

there are so many booklets from intro rules through to full rules, quick ref sheets and the data records and best of all a reasonable book for fluff 55 pages long called amusingly "Inner Sphere at a glance"

also comes with a poster map of the inner sphere even showing some of the periphery (those places outside the inner sphere)

The game plays on hex board which 2, 18"x 24" are included with great detail

also 24 mech models  22 normal plastic of reasonable quality and 2 premium models which are multipart models that are really nice

The Quickstart rules have a scenario requiring a hunchback and an enforcer so i painted these first.

they paint up pretty quick so should have the box set done soon cant wait to get a game.

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